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Adney Hakodesh

Tiny Tefillin ("Pitzponim")

Tiny Tefillin ("Pitzponim")


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Tefillin nusach
  • Tiny Tefillin ("Pitzponim") - Tefillin made from "Behema Gasa" ā€“ Kosher L'mehadrin.
  • The size of the houses: 28 mm
  • Completely separate
  • Parshiyot Mohdrot was written by Ashkenazi, (Beit Yosef / Hari) and written by the Mizrahi Testimony
  • No holes at all
  • Shi'an pulled it all by hand
  • Completely separated without glue
  • The sewing thread between house and house
  • Black handmade upper leather straps on one side / on both sides
  • One piece of leather without any additions (except for a square piece between the upper and lower tithura)
  • The tefillin are produced in a factory under the supervision of the rabbinic council headed by Rabbi Hagaon Moshe Shaul Klein Motz in the Badz of the Gersh Wazner Shalita and the rabbi of the Or Chaim neighborhood in Bnei Brak
  • The supervision includes both the source of the leather, which is not a concern in the crucible, and the processing done for it, and the square and the making of the sheen and the painting of the houses, and everything is done
  • For the sanctity of tefillin by pious and perfect workers.
  • Rabbi HaGaon Moshe Shaul Klein gives precise instructions so that everything is done on the better side, that there are no holes that disqualify the tefillin. And there is an investment of effort to ensure that the houses are truly segregated, and a great effort is made to ensure that the houses are strictly kosher, which is why even those who follow the mitzvot can buy these houses and observe tefillin mitzvahs in them.
  • As well as the Parshiyots which were written with great compilation by the Yrash scribes who were authorized by the Rabbinical Council during the Sat'am vigil under the presidency of Rabbi HaGaon Moshe Shaul Klein Shalita.
  • All passages are proofread by computer proofreading + manual proofreading by expert proofreaders.
  • Beit Yosef or the Ari or the Mizrahi Testimony can be accepted


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