About us

A little about us

"Adney Hakodesh" was established out of a desire to provide a commercial system with unique advantages to the general public. "Adney Hakodesh" will work in every way to leverage the advantage, professionalism and quality for the benefit of the public and the individual.

"Adney Hakodesh" started its activity on the subject of the talisman about 35 years ago and about 20 years ago expanded its activity to other Judaica products. Our activity excels out of reliability and honesty. Our customer is at the forefront of our eyes and we go towards him and for his benefit.. for this thousands of our customers will thank .

The benefits granted to you by purchasing at "Adney Hakodesh":
Kosher - all Satam products sold on the site are by writers who have the certificate of the "Rabbi Board of the Satam Vigil".
Proofreading - all the products sold on the site are proofread by manual and computerized testing.
Cheap - commitment to attractive prices.
Noah - errands all over the country.
Adapted - a variety of unique Judaica products.
Browsing - interactive - adapted to the user that allows easy browsing on the sales site.
Safe - the sales systems of "Adney Hakodesh" are among the safest and most secure.
Professional - a sophisticated system from the most advanced in the world.