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Tefillin made from "Behema Gasa" – Kosher L'mehadrin

Tefillin made from "Behema Gasa" – Kosher L'mehadrin


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Tefillin nusach
  • Tefillin made from "Behema Gasa" – Kosher L'mehadrin.
  • Box size: Regular, between 32-35 mm.
  • Straps: Double-sided black / Black on one side.
  • Parchments: Adorned Ashkenazi script (Arizal / Beit Yosef) / Edut HaMizrach.

Special features in the Tefillin:

  • No holes at all.
  • Leather processed with lime by hand.
  • Shin drawn entirely by hand.
  • Completely separated compartments.
  • Sinew stitching between compartments.

One piece of tough leather with no additions (except for a square piece between the upper and lower straps).

The Tefillin boxes are manufactured in a facility under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council headed by Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein, Chief Rabbi of the Vaad HaRabbanim and Rabbi of the Ohr HaChaim neighborhood in Bnei Brak. The supervision covers both the source of the hide, ensuring it is not from a firstborn, the processing done for its sake, and the square and shin creation and box coloring. All is done for the sanctity of the Tefillin by conscientious and upright workers.

Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein provides precise instructions to ensure everything is done in the best possible manner to prevent invalidating the Tefillin due to holes. Some adherence is made in boxes that have mostly separated compartments. there will be a bit of adhesive at the bottom of the indentation between the compartments. Great effort is made to ensure the boxes are kosher for the meticulous, allowing even the exacting individuals in the commandments to purchase and fulfill the commandment of Tefillin with enhancement.

The parchments are also written with stringency by scribes authorized by the Rabbinical Council through the auspices of the Vaad HaRabbanim, under the leadership of Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein, Chief Rabbi.

All parchments are checked by computer and manually checked by expert proofreaders.

One can receive in writing Beit Yosef, Arizal, or Edut HaMizrach.

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