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Adney Hakodesh

Tefillin made from "Behema Daka" – Kosher L'mehadrin

Tefillin made from "Behema Daka" – Kosher L'mehadrin


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Tefillin nusach
  • Tefillin made from "Behema Daka" - Parshiyot Mehadrin from the Mehadrin.
  • The size of the houses: standard 32 mm.
  • Elegant Parshiots written by Ashkenazi/ Edot HaMizrach.
  • Handmade upper leather straps.
  • All passages are proofread by computer proofreading + manual proofreading by expert proofreaders.
  • Beit Yosef or the Ari or the Mizrahi Testimony can be received in writing.


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