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Adney Hakodesh

Tefillin Container ("Tik Tefillin") - Black

Tefillin Container ("Tik Tefillin") - Black


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  • Tefillin Container ("Tik Tefillin") with a Black color.
  • A high-quality, extra-tough, thermal Tefillin Container designed to protect your Tefillin for many years to come. It's ideal for Israeli IDF soldiers and provides thermal protection.
  • The Tefillin Container is made of extremely hard plastic, and includes a double padded lining and a waterproof threaded cover - preventing moisture penetration and ensuring complete protection of the tefillin. Even when exposed to scorching sun, the tefillin remain well-protected from any damage.
  • The Tefillin Container is made of high-quality, durable, liquid-repellent fabric and reinforced with an extra-sturdy stitch.
  • For maximum convenience, the Tefillin Container features a comfortable wide shoulder strap, a carrying handle, and loop holes that allow threading a belt to secure the container to your body or backpack - eliminating the need for hand-carrying and enabling ultimate comfort during hikes, camps and military service. The container includes quality buckles and zippers.
  • The container has two separate compartments - a large one for a tallit (prayer shawl) and one for a siddur (jewish prayer book). Additionally, it includes a mirror and a space for writing personal details.
  • To properly store the tefillin in the container, first insert the head tefillin followed by the hand tefillin - this way you will avoid violating the prohibition of 'Ein Ma'avirin al HaMitzvot' (not to pass over the mitzvot).
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