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Adney Hakodesh

Tallit "Temani" (Yemenite Style) Netted Black

Tallit "Temani" (Yemenite Style) Netted Black


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  • Tallit "Temani" (Yemenite Style) Netted - Black color.
  • According to the tradition of the holy Yemenite communities.
  • 100% wool Rahelim.
  • Thick and dense weave.
  • Wide atara (neckpiece) with silver embroidery, including on the tallit corners.
  • Under the supervision of Badatz "Yoreh Deah" - Headed by the eminent Rabbi Shlomo Mahfoud Shlita.
  • The tallit arrives without tzitzit strings. Hand-tied tzitzit strings with mehadrin certification can be added for an additional fee.
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