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Adney Hakodesh

Tallit "Mofet" Chatanim (Grooms) - White Silver

Tallit "Mofet" Chatanim (Grooms) - White Silver


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  • Tallit "Mofet" Chatanim (Grooms) - with striped pattern in white and silver colors.
  • 100% cotton.
  • The atara (neckpiece) and corners are embroidered in silver color.
  • Under the supervision of the Badatz "Mehadrin Katif" - Rabbi Yosef Elnekave.
  • The tallit arrives with luxurious eight-ply machine-tied wicks. The tzitzit knots are tied according to the Ashkenazi tradition, under the supervision of Rabbi Yosef Elnekave of the Badatz "Mehadrin Katif".
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